Team and Alumni

Since its inception in April 2005, Botany Photo of the Day has been a collaborative effort involving people around the world. Public contributors submit photographs and comments, and, on occasion, write guest entries.

Within the University of British Columbia, support has come from many faculty members across different disciplines, students, and staff.

UBC Botanical Garden Staff

Daniel Mosquin
Principal editor, frequent author and photographer

Douglas Justice
Author, editor and occasional photographer

Eric La Fountaine
Author, occasional editor

…and many other contributors!

Work-Learn Students and Alumni

UBC Botanical Garden is grateful for the support of the University’s work-learn program.

The following students have contributed as writers and, often, photographers.

Nathalie Buu
September 2018-April 2019
Dominic Janus
September 2017-April 2018
Alison Cassidy
May 2016-August 2016
Madeline Iseminger
September 2015-April 2016
Tamara Bonnemaison
September 2014-August 2015
Cora den Hartigh
September 2014-April 2015
Taisha Mitchell
May 2013-August 2014
Bryant DeRoy
May 2012-April 2013
Katherine van Dijk
September 2011-April 2012
Alexis Kho
May 2011-August 2011
Claire Fadul
September 2010-April 2011
Lindsay Bourque
September 2009-April 2010
Stephen Coughlin
May 2009-August 2009
Ruth Sanborn
September 2008-April 2009
Connor Fitzpatrick
January 2008-April 2008
Raakel Toppila
May 2007-August 2007