12 responses to “Wyethia bolanderi”

  1. Hollis

    Beautiful photo, thanks! (needed that 🙂

    1. Dorothy Cole

      Last month when I was visiting my three children in California, the flowers were just beginning to wake up. The landscape in the San Francisco area was beautiful with purple and yellow everywhere. Every day my daughter’s garden produced citrus fruits for breakfast and flowers and herbs for salads, sandwiches and dishes the rest of the day. Dorothy Cole

  2. Carol Laver

    Beautiful Daniel. One of my favorite parts of the world. Thanks for the oak on Table Mountain also. Another beloved spot to photograph wildflowers.

  3. Ann Kent

    What extraordinary light and warmth in this image. Thank you for this image.

  4. Marilyn Brown

    Warm, cheering, love-bringing. It’s the perfect ending for this day. Thank you, Daniel.

  5. Helen Pressley

    Thank you for continuing to carry on with this beauty when so many other parts of our ” normal” life is so crazy messed up. The light in this photo is glorious. We all need it!

  6. Wendy L Cutler

    What Helen said about the light in the photo – glorious.
    Thanks for the chaparral link.

  7. Richard Gass

    Thank you. I’ve enjoyed your images for years. Sheltering and working at home on Long Island a wonderful diversion from the news.

  8. Scott Thomas

    Thank you Daniel for providing us these welcoming images to cheer our spirits.

  9. Rhoda Maurer

    Thank you so much for continuing these posts! It’s wonderful to see so much biodiversity coming alive this spring!

  10. Marlene

    Yes, I echo the comments above as to the positivity of these posts. Some much of the news is depressing. This is such a light in the darkness. Nature at it’s best.

  11. Susanna

    That would make a nice buddy to ligularia, which also has burgundy leaves and dark yellow flowers–but which flowers much later in the summer.

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