13 responses to “Viola pedata”

  1. Charlotte

    With this photo, I finally figured out why it’s called “bird’s foot” violet … the leaves look like a bird’s foot! Not the wide heart-shaped leaves that I associate with violets.

  2. Rosemarie Parker

    A lovely photo…finding this violet is a special treat.

  3. Jo

    Refreshing.. delightful! Thanks for this.

  4. Janeal Thompson

    Stunning photo. So nice to see the moisture. We haven’t had decent rain here in southeastern Colorado since July. Thanks for sharing. JWT

  5. Nette

    Beautiful photo. Is that an ant on the petal at upper left?

  6. Diana K. Weiner

    A lovely native. When it likes its environment it will reseed happily!

  7. nancy wigley

    One of my favorite wildflowers! They bloom here on Cape Cod in early May. Looking forward with great anticipation. Thanks for sending photo and information – – and for all that you do.

  8. Nadia

    Remarkable picture

  9. Marlene

    I guess I take the lovely little flowers for granted. At this time of year, they are everywhere here in southern New Jersey. Most lawns are almost purple with these violets. Thanks for the lovely photo.

  10. Patrick Collins

    Very pretty but surely the “queen of the violets” should smell strongly of violets? Is it fragrant?

  11. Louise

    Lovely photo, So refreshing.

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