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  1. Anne M Bradley

    Hi Daniel:

    Great to see a photo of a disease as opposed to mostly describing flowers. Please can we have more photos of various diseases on plants/trees and perhaps insects that are attracted to plants/trees, etc?



  2. Ann Kent

    Hi Daniel,

    I especially appreciated this post as I am now living on acreage where many western white pine and shore pine are growing, and there are a lot of ugly lumps on the branches of the younger shore pines.

    I too would appreciate more photos and posts that feature pests and diseases, particularly those that afflict the native trees and shrubs in the Pacific Northwest.

    Thank you,


  3. Wendy L Cutler

    I’m glad to read that you want to share more about the garden. Could we have photos of the trees in the Peter Wharton Cherry Grove, please? Some of the trees are surely in bloom now. Replies in this thread would be good:
    https://forums.botanicalgarden.ubc.ca/threads/ornamental-cherries-at-ubcbg-2020.97128/ (there’s only one posting this year),
    and sure, on Instagram. Thank you.

    And thank you for continuing these postings.

  4. Ruth Richman

    Hi. I am on PEI and have watched the white pine blister rust and the white pine beetle malform many trees over the years. Always plantation trees, planted in full sun.

    I have a pest in my garden – horsetail. It came in with some purchased compost and in two years has taken over 1/3 of the garden which is 100 feet by 100 feet, started in 1995. All hand dug raised beds.

    Any ideas on eradication? I read last fall, too late to try as snow blanketed the area, to heavily lime the area, then two weeks later heavily fertilize it. Then keep repeating this cycle….until it decides it is not welcome. This will make the garden inhospitable to everything else, and can take five years! According to the source. If I do nothing it will completely take over. I saw another garden last year that was totally taken over. They are not sure how the plant got to them, it is also an old garden.

    Any ideas would be appreciated. I dug last year…..for days….two feet deep trenches and sifted out roots. This is not practical, and was ineffective. Thanks for listening!

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