5 responses to “Dalles Mountain Road”

  1. Chris Shankar

    Stunning! Thank you! The sweeps of light and shadow and color remind me of an impressionist painting – worthy of framing. Superb shot!

  2. Brandon

    I love the large contrast between light and shadow in this one, makes the landscape pop.

  3. Katie McIntosh

    Stunning!!These photos give us a bright start to the day, and encourage me to get out and work in my own garden high up in North Van where little pops of colour are beginning to show. Thanks Daniel.

  4. Wendy L Cutler

    I like your photograph, particularly zoomed in, which shows up the colour better on my screen. I like your links too – nice closeups on the “here” link to the earlier BPotD, and a lot of other people’s photo links at the bottom of the OregonHikers.org page (first link).

  5. Danae Yurgel

    I couldn’t help but think (as I’m sheltering in place and not able to get out much) that this photo and so many others (Like the Cercidiphyllum) would make outstanding, challenging, inspiring, stress-relieving jigsaw puzzles – perhaps a fundraiser for the UBC gardens in these hard times?

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