8 responses to “Castanopsis delavayi”

  1. Jo Kishkunas

    I would love to see this tree in person. Fabulous and very fluffy!

  2. Steve Snyder

    This resurgence of almost-every-day BPOD posts could not be better timed to help us weather
    this miserable stay-at-home ordeal. Thank you so much for the mental health boost

  3. Rosemarie Parker

    Fascinating species. Thanks for all the links.

  4. Rob Stuart

    I have been a subscriber to the Botany Photo of the Day since before 2010. One addition, I would like to see to the material presented is information relating to climate zone in which the plants that are featured can grow. I live in Ottawa, Canada which is
    maybe Z5b and am always looking to expand the types of plants I can successfully grow here. Love what you’re doing. Keep up the great work.

  5. Mike Timberlake

    Thanks for brightening our days Daniel.
    I will make a point to try and locate Castanopsis delavayi when I next visit Caerhays. I guess if there is only one in the UK it must be a champion tree here.
    J.C. Williams of Caerhays sponsored George Forrest to collect in China and Tibet so the Caerhays tree must have come from material received in Cornwall nearly a hundred years ago.

  6. Tanya Tellman

    Does the bloom smell as bad as the small chinquapins we had on our place
    near Sperryville, VA? It might be the reason it has not become popular in gardens.

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