8 responses to “Lilium ‘Patricia’s Pride’”

  1. Katherine

    Asiatic lily, bred in Oregon, growing in Italy (for the photo) — lilies seem to be quite global, at least in terms of popularity!

  2. Therese Romer

    Brushmarks, indeed… Well, at least not doubles ! And why do current catalogues regale us with more and more outlandish forms and colours of horticultural varieties — of not just lilies, but irises, tulips, so many others ? Yet nothing matches, in my eyes, the elegant beauty of, above all, many of the species lilies. Thank you, Daniel, for your Botany Photos ! Please keep on delighting us with your finds !

  3. Wendy Burke

    What beautiful lilies, they are always one of my favourite flowers. I have had a rather stressful
    summer with family issues and flowers always make me feel calm and peaceful. I don’t know
    whether I could grow these in my garden as I live in Oyster Bay, in very south Campbell River
    and we have very dry, rocky like soil and we cannot afford to bring in truckloads of new earth.
    Keep sending me these lovely photos, Wendy Burke, Campbell River, B.C.

  4. Nadia

    how beautiful!

  5. Patricia Rowan

    What a delightful flower, and bearing my name as well. God’s gift.

  6. Danae Yurgel

    These beautiful photos are always a balm for the heart and respite for the soul, and the accompanying text is always a delight for the mind … thank you so much!!! I smile every time I click on to the postings 🙂

  7. Riz

    Stunning hybrid! I wonder how this compares to a variety from long ago called ‘Purple Reign’ bred by Julius Wadekamper. They look very similar.

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