4 responses to “Syntrichia princeps”

  1. Robert Roggeveen

    Thank you. These posts help to expand my knowledge. And go UBC – my daughter got her Ph.D. in Psychology at UBC!

  2. Therese Romer

    How interesting. Curiosity, not beauty alone spur us to discover, to learn. And both beauty, and curiosity guided me in discovering the UBC gardens, on long-ago visits to BC — a treasured memory.

  3. Lynn Wohlers

    Thanks for the links – it’s always impressive to see how different some plants are in moist and dry conditions, and you prompted me to revisit Richard Droker’s work, which I really like, aesthetically (as well as the science!).

  4. Paddy Wales

    Given the location of the main photo on the San Juan Islands in Washington State, I was surprised I’d never seen it on the Sunshine Coast, BC. The links showed me that I have it just outside the door!

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