9 responses to “Meriania nobilis”

  1. Ray Collier

    Is it just me, or do others see the twisting array of the corolla as slightly reminiscent of Plumeria?

  2. Mark Egger

    beautiful inflorescence!

  3. Wendy Cutler

    Priscilla has posted several other very nice photos of this tree on her flickr account – here are query results for it on her photostream: https://www.flickr.com/search/?user_id=65434132%40N04&view_all=1&text=Meriania%20nobilis

    I love how the flowers look like they are outlined in pen, on most photos, not just on the photo here where you can see that. And the colour combination with the buds and the aging flowers is wonderful.

  4. Nadia

    What a beautiful flower!

  5. Rita Squire

    Is this related to Tibuchina ? Rita.

  6. Trella Hastings

    The leaves are as interesting as the flowers! In the commercial site, from the link given above, there is even information on germinating the seeds and growing it. It blooms all year in the right condition. Lovely flowers!

  7. Patrick Collins

    Spectacular and beautiful flowers, but not a very elegant tree from the example in the link. I am not familiar with tropical trees but Clerodendrum trichotomum and some of the Bignoniaceae are far prettier trees, though their flowering season is more limited.

  8. Quin Ellis

    Yes, related to Tibouchina – notice the similar stamens, reminiscent of a spider, some say……..

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