5 responses to “Liatris punctata”

  1. Hollis

    One of my favorites, thanks!

  2. Wendy Burke

    What a beautiful lovely looking plant and such a lovely purple colour. I wonder if I could grow this
    in my garden, as I live in very south Campbell River, B.C. near a creek bed area and the soil is
    quite dry and rocky. Wendy Burke, Campbell River, B.C.

  3. Plantaholic Sheila

    Oooh! What a fabulous flower.
    Would love to grow that in the garden.
    Thanks as always Daniel for the super pic and write up.

  4. Erica

    I love Liatris. I used to see it in prairie remnants in the midwest and also there are at least two species now in the sand prairies in Florida. Beautiful photo.

  5. molly

    That is the most un-composite like composite I’ve ever seen. Why CalPhoto has so many Liatris (spp) is rather a mystery, but there’s a nice photo of the tousled top cluster of inflorescences under L. punctata.

    “… requiring the annual recitations of “almost always” and “most of the time” with respect to explaining plants.”

    🙂 Also true of science in general, though “so far as has now been…” might be more accurate.

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