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  1. Hollis

    Very interesting post, thanks. My reaction in glancing at the introductory material and photo was: “What?! Has the Orchidaceae been split up?!” (in response to Calceolariaceae). So your first paragraph was perfect 🙂

  2. Patrick Collins

    Calceolaria is from the feminine form of the Latin calceolarius – a shoemaker. A calceolus was a small shoe or half-boot. The Romans did have words for various types of slippers – diabathrum, pedalis, sabatenum, sandalium, soccus (from which we get socks) and solea. Indeed, a diabathrarius was a slipper-maker. Perhaps for once a botanist had mercy on future gardeners and did not coin Diabathraria.

    Some Calceolaria from the Andes are invasive weeds, such as Calceolaria tripartita that has been found on Denali in Alaska and in the Himalayas, New Zealand and Norfolk Island.

    Though, looking at the selection available from the website of Chileflora, I am tempted by some of those purple ones. I have a walled garden in the middle of a city far from any mountains. Perhaps it would be OK to introduce some.

  3. I. Hay

    Wow! I am blown away to learn that there is a whole other realm of pollination ecology – floral oil!
    Thanks, Daniel

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