5 responses to “Syneilesis aconitifolia”

  1. Sue Frisch

    A really nice photo of the flowers, which are slightly fragrant…. or were for me in NW Connecticut. It formed a nice small colony but then petered out.

  2. Thor Henrich

    The blooming flower structure mimics the finely divided leaf structure, and reminds one of a fireworks display, or a mass of sparklers. Great photo – thank you for the taxonomic treatment, too.

    1. Michael L Aman

      So often we can see the fractal nature of a plant in its parts.

  3. Merrill Jensen

    It will be interesting to see how they do in SE Alaska. After seeing them in Toronto, I tracked some down and they’ve been in the ground 2 years now… but no flowers yet

  4. Vivi Leavy

    They were being used as a ground cover in shade at the Polly Hill arboretum on the Vineyard, and were in bud a month ago.

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