7 responses to “Picea breweriana”

  1. Ruth Richman

    Since I first saw these on a cross country bike trip I wondered if they would survive PEI winters with their multiple freeze thaw cycles. There are some redwoods which were planted in the 70’s.

    Any idea?

  2. Tiiu Mayer

    Such a lovely limpid form. Does anyone offer seeds?

  3. Wendy Burke

    I used to live in the North East of the Province of British Columbia and we had the odd Spruce tree
    up there, but nothing to the beauty of this tree. It is magnificent and it is so important for all of
    us to save our beautiful trees. I have done a fair amount of travelling to the British Isles in the
    last 10 years of my life and there are hardly any trees at all. I am not saying that their countryside
    does not have its own beauty, but there are very few trees, even in the beautiful area of North
    West Wales. Wendy Burke, Campbell River, B.C.

  4. C Denton

    What distinguishes this species from the Norway Spruce, which I see in the Northeastern US where I live?

    Chris Denton

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