9 responses to “Penstemon davidsonii var. menziesii”

  1. Claire Bullaro

    Oh, my. That is just stunning.

  2. Anna

    The first time I saw one of these was 21 years ago when I bought my property in South Surrey, BC. It’s a 1/2-acre property with a garden that was full of treasures, as plants had been collected from all over the world via seed exchanges and the like (the original owner’s sister still lived next door at the time and filled me in on the details). Unfortunately, when I bought this property, it had gone through several other owners after the original and (oddly) none of them were gardeners. By the time I discovered it, the property was badly neglected and seriously overgrown. Most of the smaller plants (and by this I mean less than 5′) were lost, as weeds won the competition for light. Little by little, I reclaimed the garden. One day, I uncovered a really odd-looking, extremely sparse, Charlie Brown ground-cover which had spread a spindly 8′ across, but with very few leaves and no flowers. Having no idea what it was, I dug it up and relocated it to a rock garden I was working on in the front-yard. I cut back the plant to about 1′ in diameter. A year or 2 later I was stunned by it’s beauty as it bloomed for the first time, just as in this photo. It’s grown to fill it’s space (about 3′) and I still enjoy its blooms every year. A definite keeper.

  3. Margot Moser

    This was a banner year for my Penstemon davidsonii which has finally decided to spread and self seed after many years not expanding much. I think it needed a bit more water than I had been giving it although it is in a perfect location – very similar to the one in your photo.

    I appreciate knowing how to tell the 2 varieties apart – mine is definitely P. davidsonii var. menziesii. Thank you.

  4. Susanne

    wow, this is so complete different from the Missouri are native penstemon!!

  5. Christine

    Just last week, travelling from Whistler to Vancouver, I photographed a Penstemon on the cliff edge above Brandywine Falls. Thanks to you, Daniel, I can now name it correctly.

  6. Cheryl Henley

    So beautiful!

  7. Danae

    I LOVE learning new words _ “sympatric”.
    (now I just need to find ways to use it in conversation ….) 🙂

  8. Annette Parker

    The APS (American Penstemon Society) is a fabulous group. We sponsor a plant lover’s convention each summer offering 3 days of wildflower filled fieldtrips. We met in early June in Walden, CO, this month. Next year’s convention breaks tradition by meeting in Mexico. Penstemons are always a delight to find and often grow in scenic areas. There are a few species in the eastern USA also.

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