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  1. Everettt Skinner

    It looks like a precocious seedling of several species pf Fabaceae we have here in South Flolrida. Delonix regia), Abrus precatorius, Sesbania grandiflora and other Sesbania species Phyllanthus niruri in rthe Phyllanthacea are some common look-a-likes to be found inour area. One of the links stated that the mature size is about what is shown in the pictureand that this plant has a tuber. I’m surprised that I haven’t seen it in cactus and succulent publications except that it might need cold winters.

  2. Susan Gustavson

    Thanks to all of you who contributed to the creation of the Wiki entry on Ellen Powell Thompson.

  3. federica cane

    I am grateful for the tenacity and generosity of those who share their knowledge and passion. Thank you
    Federica from Rome

  4. Hollis

    Thanks for putting together this post, Daniel! Hopefully our project to give Ellen Powell Thompson more recognition will continue. When I was hiking in the Kanab area recently, I ran into Peteria thompsoniae–that was a treat 🙂

  5. Hollis

    And a close up of the spines

  6. Danae

    As always – learning every time I open one of these posts! I followed the link to read about Ellen Powell Thompson – thank you to all who contributed to bringing this remarkable person to our attention 🙂

  7. P. Hughes

    What are the uses and products of peteria Thompsoniae? Thank you for your time and help.

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