8 responses to “Orthosiphon aristatus var. aristatus”

  1. Patrick Collins

    Making the slang term “Java” for coffee more confusing.

    The tea is widely available now. I tried one teapot of it but never opened the packet again. It was not pleasant and much more expensive than more pleasant teas.

  2. Elizabeth Revell

    Goodness, if you’re diabetic, a diuretic might not cut it!

  3. Ray Collier

    What a beautiful image of a beautiful plant. Well done!

  4. Wendy Burke

    What an absolutely beautiful plant. Is there a plant in our part of the world that would compare?
    Wendy Burke, Campbell River, B.C. Canada.

    1. Patrick Collins
  5. Susan Gustavson

    Reminds me of the Mexican Bird of Paradise.

  6. Di Higginson

    Di Higginson
    We have the O. labiatus & O. serratus ( Shell Bush) in pink & mauve colours. Leaves very aromatic even unpleasant . Lovely garden plants. Indigenous & also in Zimbabwe .

  7. Jane Doty

    As a cat lover, I have aways liked this plant. However, I have never looked for it to grow having read that it is not hardy in my area of Ohio.

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