10 responses to “Ugni molinae”

  1. Rosemarie Parker

    Looks quite yummy to me. Lovely color in the photo – kudos.

  2. Hollis

    Beautiful combination of colors! Nice job capturing that beauty.

  3. quin ellis

    Since the S.F. Bay Area shares Mediterranean climates with Chiloe, there is a lot of Ugni used successfully as hedges and specimens.
    Those berries are exotically tasty – for some reason reminds me of something from the Holidays…..

    1. Nette

      Quin Ellis, know where I can buy specimens of Ugni? I’m in San Rafael. Thanks.

      1. Meagan

        Little Prince of Oregon Nursery (in Aurora, OR) grows it!

  4. Trella

    That is just so beautiful and delicate looking!

  5. Melissa Bowen

    It looks so much like the “Sweet Shrub” we have here in South Carolina. Beautiful scent. Queen Victoria’s favorite fruit? I love the history lessons we get from you, Daniel. Thank you!

  6. Wendy

    I had a bush covered with berries from a green house flowering. For one month I would walk past the plant and be captivated anew by the scent of strawberries. I hated to harvest it but in the end I did. The berries tasted like the strawberry filling in See‘s chocolates! It still grows in my garden (west Germany) but it has never flowered. I hear it is a pest in South America. Such a delicious pest would be more than welcome to take over well, a section – of my garden.

  7. quin ellis

    Nette –

    Positive you can at least order it from any of the major retail nurseries, OR Landscapes Unlimited in Petaluma, if you are a contractor. Let your fingers do the walking. You’ll find it! Happy hunting………

  8. Stuart Adank


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