12 responses to “Rigodium implexum”

  1. Love Albrecht Howard

    Those are AWESOME!!! Tribbles!!! 😉

  2. Claire Bullaro

    I love that there is still so much to learn about our planet! Those are amazing.

  3. Knox M Henry

    Fascinating! Simply fascinating. I hope we learn more about these mysterious plants.

  4. LuDean Marvin

    That was my first reaction to seeing them… Tribbles,

  5. Martha Branigan

    They remind me of the “tumbleweeds on arid/desert landscapes

  6. Ken

    miniature green tumbleweed – awesome

  7. Alice

    Absolutely fascinating. I just love moss and lichens. Well, also Marimo.

  8. Patrick Collins

    The local name is, of course, “lana de pobre”, not “probre”.

    I think Theodor Herzog was the first to record the name in 1939 in “Zur Bryophytenflora Südchiles”.

    Chilean papers from 1978 and 1989 used “lana del pobre”.

    One of the botanists did describe them as “loose on forest floor like tiny tumbleweeds”.

  9. Danae Yurgel

    Ah, mysteries!
    So wonderful to be reminded of what we DON’T know 🙂
    Brings a smile and the shiver of intrigue 🙂

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