8 responses to “Gardenia carinata”

  1. Denis

    Wow, that yellow!

  2. jeanne erdahl

    Except for the gold color, they look quite similar to the Tahitian gardenia that I have been wearing in my hair all day here on Maui in order to enjoy its entrancing fragrance

  3. Laurel Slaney

    Well the link clears up why it is called pinwheel. Still stunning.

  4. 3point141

    Thanks to the UBC Botanical Garden for selecting another one from my images of flowers.

    I continue to enjoy and learn from thé wide varieties of entries that you select from around thé world.

    Please keep up thé good work.

  5. Wendy Cutler

    Nathalie comments on her flickr page that the common name is also used for Gardenia tubifera. I found one photo that purports to show the differences by showing them side by side, but I don’t know what I’m supposed to notice I see golden gardenias quite often in Hawaii and would like to know if I’ve correctly named them G. tubifera. Are the G. carinata leaves more prominently veined? Is there a reference that distinguishes them?

  6. Tierney Rosenstock

    Fantastic! I love gardenias!

  7. Lindsay

    Wow! There is another very fragrant flower here in Hawaii that starts out a creamy white and as it “ages” it turns a beautiful orange color. It is called Puakenikeni. Would love to see a future BPOTD on it. Keep up the excellent work!

  8. Lawrence

    The pua keni keni, is a popular lei flower. It’s botanical name is: Fagraea berteroana. It is in the Gentianaceae family.

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