8 responses to “Tectaria moorei”

  1. Nette

    Wonderful writing, as usual; and a very clear picture of the stalks.

  2. Wendy Cutler

    Such great leaves!

    I was so surprised to see a photo of a plant endemic to New Caledonia, as I had just earlier today found the https://newcaledoniaplants.com/ website, sponsored by the Atlanta Botanical Garden, one of the partners of Endemia. The website does not feature this plant, but it does have a useful overview of the ecology and biodiversity of these islands.

  3. Wendy

    I have to say this is one of the most fascinating posts I can remember. Who’d have thought that that miniscule blot on the globe would prove to be so utterly enchanting. Lucky Atlanta. As always, thank you!

  4. Pat Willits

    What a delight! Ferns are the BEST! Thank you, Daniel, for opening so many mental doors for me.


  5. lynn

    Pat said it – ferns are the best! And you never know what’s next in the plant world. Thank you.

  6. Patrick Collins

    Surely at some point I will know of all the weird plants the Earth has produced. Not today, though.

  7. Richard Droker

    Recommend a chapter on New Caledonia, A Coniferous Island in the Tropics, in a very good book, A Natural History of Conifers, by Aljos Farjon. New Caledonia has 44 species of conifers, all endemic. (About 1/3 of the surface of New Caledonia is covered by ultramafic rock.)

  8. Cora denHartigh

    What a gorgeous fern!! Its architectural qualities are stunning. Thank you for the beautiful photo, as always!

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