7 responses to “Cossinia pinnata”

  1. Sheila.

    Wow! I am just delighted to get my pics on Botany Photo of the day.
    I can cross that of my bucket list now!

    Thank you.
    Many thanks for your write up Daniel and especially for mentioning Lila for her expert help in identifying my pics as Cossinia pinnate.

    Many thanks for all your hard work over so many years on these forums
    It is much appreciated by me and all your regular members/contributors.

  2. Nadia



    thank you as usual I have learned/discovered new plants.


  4. Knox M Henry

    I hope we see many more years of the introduction of species from around the world. it has been a great journey to date.
    Congratulations !

  5. Wendy Burke

    What an interesting looking plant. It looks like the plant has two stamens!? Wendy Burke,
    Oyster River, – Campbell River, B.C.

  6. Vito Gudaitis

    Wendy, you must be looking at the photo on a smart phone. On a desktop computer, there are six obvious stamens.

  7. Susanne

    i Love the international connections that went into identifying this 🙂 Wish that would extend to other aspects of life!! Plus you have just given me a whole list of places to put on my bucket list ….

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