13 responses to “California Flower Medley”

  1. Bonnie Blayney

    Have a safe trip.

  2. Katie McIntosh

    That will be an exciting trip.

  3. Hollis

    Thanks for the great photo, very cheery. Happy trails!


    Best wishes on your journey! How spectacular!

  5. Mary

    Bon voyage! You deserve it!

  6. Kathy

    Have a wonderful trip!!
    The wildflowers are are going to be superb here in the Palm Desert area!
    There has to be a reward for steady cool weather and many rainy days.

  7. Helen Pressley

    Sorry I can’t resist; hi Jaime, it’s Helen Pressley late of WDOE. I retired almost 2 years ago. Hope you are doing well! H.

  8. James

    Thank you for that reference.

  9. Lindy Pounds

    Happy trails Daniel!

  10. Sue Frisch

    Have a wonderful time… can’t wait for the results!

  11. Merrill Jensen

    Thanks for the reference to Sandy’s Wanderings… hope to shoehorn in a run south to catch the show! Also, I’m really looking forward to your Southern Hemisphere photos!

  12. lynn

    Have a wonderful trip, Daniel. I can’t wait to see the evidence!

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