13 responses to “Pelargonium carnosum”

  1. Bonnie Blayney

    For this layman, a lovely plant.

  2. Linda Foulis

    Such a delicate beauty.

  3. Dianne M Saichek

    I hope somebody takes your suggestion to heart. I, too, would like to know about ingesting geraniums. Have a backyard full of nasturtium that I eat regularly! Have not tried the roots yet, but I understand they’re edible. Can you confirm, Daniel?

  4. Marilyn Brown

    I have a recipe, never tried, which involves placing geranium leaves in the bottom of a cake pan before pouring in the batter and baking. I think they are supposed to be from a lemon geranium. Not quite the same as actually ingesting leaves or stems, but probably interesting.

  5. Suzanna

    My grandmother used to put a sprig of lemon geranium in water, a finger bowl, to dip our fingers in after eating. I don’t remember encouragement to eat the geranium however. It was a very nice end of the meal freshening ceremony.

  6. Arjan de Graaf

    Clearly not carnosum but laxum ssp laxum.
    Carnosum never has back folding petals and downward facing buds.

  7. lynn wohlers

    Google “geranium cake” and you’ll get plenty of hits, including cakes from Martha Stewart. 🙂 The leaves are eaten apparently, because they’re baked onto the surface of the cake. Another recipe describes scented geranium leaf sugar, which sounds wonderful. And an image search for Pelargonium carnosum turns up photos showing its swollen stems – fascinating. Amir’s photo is also on a caudiciform website devoted to plants with caudex’s from around the world. It’s hard to avoid going down the rabbit hole when you get started with plants like these. Thanks Daniel! 🙂

  8. Stuart

    This is my favorite kind of entry!! Plant eating challenge !! Such a cool discovery

  9. Danae Yurgel

    What a lovely lovely image on a grey and snowy day!
    Brings a smile ….

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