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    Not to worry! We are grateful for every beuatiful entry! Thanks for all you do.

  2. Everett Skinner

    As to date I have every issue of the Journal, Asklepios, the official publication of the International Asclepiad Society. As a child Stapelia gigantea was the first stapeliad that I grew, before I had any idea what a plant family was. In those days, in the 1950’s, it would have been a fairly common exotic in sunny gardens, especially those dedicated to cacti and succulents because of the ease of propagating it from cuttings and its low nutritional requirements. It does need full sun and good air circulation. Weeds, encouraged by our heavy tropical summer rains are usually the end of these types of plants in South Florida. The best planting of S, gigantea that I ever saw was in a raised bed about two meters in radius around a flag pole outside the administrative office of Bahia Honda State Park (in the middle Florida Keys) in the full sun of beach side conditions. The plants formed a solid ground cover and were full of blooms cascading over the oolitic limestone sides of the bed. Some years later I passed through there and the planting was no longer there. I thought it was a shame because it was such an excellent example of how this type of plant grows and how it could be used in the landscape. It might have been removed because it wasn’t native. I think that the time is coming when the priority is going to be saving whatever species that can be saved regardless as to whether they are native or not.

    1. Alan Butler

      Hi Everett. Good to hear you have all the issues of Asklepios! I was editor for 15 years and am now back in the editorial team as well as continuing as chairman! I live in the south of Spain now and a roundabout near our local shopping centre is planted with some very large cacti as well as Stapelia grandiflora and I often admire the very large flowers. Flies love this species and lay their eggs which rapidly hatch but then die of hunger…

  3. Brynn Allen

    One of my first and favorite succulents. I will never forget the expression on my step-fathers face when I held it up for him to smell my pretty flower!

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