9 responses to “Rosa ‘George Lawrence Price’”

  1. Patrick Collins

    “I don’t want to kill anyone,” George Lawrence Price wrote in a letter to his aunt back in the tiny Annapolis Valley hamlet of Church Street, now part of the village of Port Williams in Kings County.

  2. Chrystal

    Well, first ‘plant of the day’ to bring me to tears. Thank you for sharing the remarkable human story behind this Rose.

  3. Wendy Cutler

    Thanks, Daniel. What a lovely posting for today. And thanks to Bernard Lafaut for sending the photo.

  4. Janeal W. Thompson

    Beautiful photo, sad story, let’s hope flowers and peace for all. JWT

  5. Hollis

    Thanks for putting up this sad story with its beautiful flower. Not sure why, but for me, WWI more than any other speaks to the absurdity of war.

  6. Ginny

    For me, WW1 is especially significant because it was to be “the war to end all wars.”

  7. Danae Yurgel

    THANK YOU for sharing such a moving story – I hope some day to plant this rose in our orchard and share the story and memory – and the accompanying challenge to create peace – in our part of the world.

  8. Rose

    Gracias for sharing such a beautiful story! No flower can express dignity and beauty quite like a rose.

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