6 responses to “Glehnia littoralis subsp. leiocarpa”

  1. Wendy Cutler

    I enjoyed the photo and reading about the Glehnia, but I was blown away by the work that went into the photos and cultivar lists on those Uli Westphal pages, for instance, 13749 named cultivars of the species Phaseolus vulgaris listed (not photographed). A lot of corn cultivars are photographed. I noticed the Solanum mammosum on the fruit study page – there was just a posting on that on the forums.

  2. Patrick Collins

    This is known in Chinese as “northern sand root” bĕi shā shēn. “Southern sand root” nán shā shēn is Adenophora tetraphylla of the Campanulaceae.

    Taking Glehnia root as medicine for the wrong kind of cough may cause a disaster. So don’t try this at home unless you can recognise lack of heat from excess in the organs and dormant cold in the lungs. Info from the Chinese Herbal Medicine Materia Medica by Dan Bensky et al.

  3. Patrick Lewis

    What a beautiful photo!

  4. lynn wohlers

    Thank you for featuring this interesting plant, Daniel. Just last week I found out that there are sand dunes nearby (at Deception Pass) so I’m going to look for it.

  5. Merrill Jensen

    I’m looking forward to a trip sometime in the near future to Haida Gwaii… I’m getting tired of just flying past on my way South ;>)

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