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  1. Ronaldo Araújo


  2. Betty Bahn

    I love this plant, had it, and shared it for about 30 years. on the Oregon Coast. The flowers bloom sequentially up the stem, and are wonderful cut flowers. Also, the Iris confusa has a similar flower though infused with a lavender basic color. Slugs can be a minor problem, both on the foliage and flower.

  3. Rosemarie Parker

    I have also grown I. japonica, but not such a lovely color form. Wonderful.

  4. Patrick Collins

    Also in Chinese medicine Iris japonica is one of the three species of Iris (with Iris tectorum and Iris dichotoma) used as adulterants of the much-used Iris domestica (though still usually known as Belamcanda chinensis), shè gān. Iris domestica was known in old herbals as the gold butterfly flower and crow fan.

  5. Lorette Cheswick

    How delightful to meet a plant used defensively for it’s leaves not its poisons. I shall have to plant some along my farm lane to keep naughty interlopers at bay.

  6. Stuart Luppescu

    In Japanese, this plant (or maybe a similar one? Iris ensata or Acorus calamus?) is called shobu. It is homophonous with the word for a fight or a match. This combined with the sword-like appearance of the leaves makes for lots of puns in Japanese.

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