9 responses to “Brassica oleracea Acephala Group ‘Winterbor’”

  1. David Tarrant

    What a great shot of Curly Kale
    And so good to see a vegetable featured on Botany Photo of the Day.
    As always Daniel due to you and your team, this site is a consistent advocate for the
    wonderful world of plants.
    Keep up the good work.

  2. Wendy Cutler

    OK, cool photo. I looked at green for a while, then started noticing all the different sized water drops.

    But the by-the-way mention that “we have launched our Garden Explorer site” – that is a BIG DEAL. That is amazing! Not just a search with lots of photos. But all those plants are mapped! You can click on on a map location, see the name of the area, and then click an expand button to see a list of what all is there. And then you can click items that are there to see photos. Or you can select tours, including the current (always?) month in the garden blog, with lots of photos. I am so impressed. And excited to use this. Can I expect WIFI to bring this to me on my visit to the garden?

  3. MB Whitcomb

    That’s me great grand-pa:) Nice to see you credit his work. <3

  4. Patrick Collins

    The “bor” in Winterbor presumably referring to borecole, an alternative name of kale from the Dutch for “peasant’s cabbage”.

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