11 responses to “Brunsvigia orientalis”

  1. David Tarrant

    What a superb photo.
    Makes one want to return to South Africa in February.
    Such diversity in that floral kingdom.

  2. Nadia

    So beautiful! I wish I could go to Africa and see it myself. Thank you for this post!

  3. Julie

    Perfect capture. Thanks for the treat.

  4. susan

    That the herbarium from the Brazil National Museum did not burn up as did all the rest of Brazil’s material history, must be the only good news from that sad and horrible event.

  5. Brynn Allen

    Do you think these would grow in Hawaii? I have a collection of Crinum and thought this would be a fun addition. I found some for sale on eBay. Seller is from Poland.
    Mahalo in advance for any advice

    1. Steve McDaniel

      It is unwise and illegal to import an alien species into Hawaii. Many well-meaning people have done so in the past, causing spectacular and irreparable damage to that remote island ecosystem. Don’t even think about it!

    2. Everett Skinner

      If you know of anyone that grows succulents from winter rainfall areas in a (summer) hot dry greenhouse in your area, than it could be done. I think that this plant can be hybridized with Crinum. Check International Bulb Society literature. It’s unlikely that it would be invasive as it would have to produce seeds. I do strongly recommend monitoring reproductive ability and survival of offspring for any new introductions to your garden. (horticultural volunteer for Fairchild Garden)

  6. Tierney R Rosenstock


  7. Brynn Allen

    Mahalo Daniel for the link to Hawaii plant importation rules. Interesting to see that the emphasis is on insect and disease. For instance no coconuts imported I think for the control of the rhinosoraus beetle. Same with coffee, pineapple, bromeliad imports to protect those agricultural industries. We do get a lot of orchid, euphorbia and adenium imports from Thailand. There are more restrictions on what can be shipped out due to fruit fly.

    Mahalo to Everett for idea on Crinum hybridization. I was interested to see if this Brunsvigia would adapt to our rain fall like the zephyranthes has.

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