9 responses to “Lathyrus odoratus ‘Wiltshire Ripple’”

  1. Danae Yurgel

    GORGEOUS (“chocolate-claret” … anyone else drooling?) … mmmmm …

  2. Knox M Henry

    Wow! What intense colour. beautiful!

  3. Trella Hastings

    Wow! Where can one order seeds for this beauty?

  4. Diane Whitehead

    I buy my sweet pea seeds from a New Zealand breeder, Dr. Keith Hammett.


    The summer ones are still blooming, and I am about to sow ones for winter.
    I haven’t tried the winter ones before.

  5. Nick hamilton

    Does anyone know if the common British Columbia species, L. nevadenis and L . ochroleucus are edible?

  6. Brunkow Elizabeth

    What a lovely, sweet flower! Thankyou for the delicate bit of beauty as we slog through the news.

  7. Tiiu Mayer

    Thanks, Daniel, for a beautiful picture and the sobering and sad pointer to lathyrism.

  8. Mats Ellting

    Thank you for choosing my photo

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