9 responses to “Bouteloua gracilis”

  1. Bonnie Blayney

    A lovely picture Daniel.

  2. Jonathan


    Surely one of the blog’s best ever.

  3. Lyle Anderson

    Exquisite. The one positive thing I’ve seen as a result of this summer’s infernos.

  4. Dale shuffler


  5. lynn wohlers

    I find it inspiring that an image as artistic as this one is being used here, in a more scientific setting. It’s gorgeous, Daniel, and what a way to make the smoky sky work for you.

  6. Merrill Jensen

    Very nice capture Daniel! Looking forward to your Sea-to-Sky tour in October

  7. Christine

    I was introduced to blue grama by an alternative common name: mosquito grass. Your earlier photo of it shows its similarity to a swarm of the little critters. I’ve also heard a woman from Alberta call it eyelash grass, which is even more descriptive.
    There’s a lovely cultivar called ‘Blonde Ambition’, that I’d like even more if it was ‘Blonde Eyelashes’.

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