8 responses to “Lilium lancifolium”

  1. Andrea Zeitz

    Beautifully photographed!
    Thanks Daniel as always

  2. Marilyn Brown

    Many of my childhood summers were spent in the mountains of Northern California. My father was an enthusiastic and devoted trout fisherman, and I was sometimes allowed to follow him up mountain streams where I saw wild tiger lilies amid ferns and other creekside greenery. I associate that beauty with the hours-later smell of trout browning over a campfire. It was my idea of paradise.

  3. Michael Marcotrigiano

    Does this succumb to the lily leaf beetle (which is wipng out most lilies in the Northeast USA>

  4. Wendy

    Michael, in a word,YES!

  5. chris jankot

    Is this what we used to call “Turk’s Cap lily?”

  6. lynn

    Gorgeously photographed, Daniel!

  7. Janeal Thompson

    Hi Daniel,

    Wonderful photograph, as usual. My tiger lilies here in southeast Colorado are nearly spent now after the hot winds this summer. Interesting to know the bulbs are edible. Thanks for a great post.

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