8 responses to “Larix decidua”

  1. JoAnn Mulhern

    Some time ago you sent photos of an ancient underground tree that very occasionally sprouted above the surface. Could you please tell me how to find that entry?

  2. Susanne

    As I live in Missouri now, I miss the European larch that I grw up with. Such a beautiful spring green as well as the fall color 🙂

  3. Pat Collins

    Most of the accurately dated oldest trees in the world may be in the New World but that may be because the Old World species tend to get hollow as they age making accurate dating difficult. The estimated old trees on the Wikipedia page you link are mostly Old World. One yew could rival that bristlecone pine.

  4. michael aman

    Always appreciate your knowledge and insight, Pat. Thanks.

  5. Mats Ellting

    Thank you, for appreciating my photos

  6. Conifers

    This one is Japanese Larch L. kaempferi or Dunkeld Larch L. x marschlinsii – note the recurved cone scales.

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