4 responses to “Agaricus bisporus”

  1. Sue S Van Hook

    love it when you include fungi!
    One happy mycologist!

  2. Susanne

    interesting to hear about native plus introduced strains and the history of white stuff 🙂 I have lived in the US for about 30 years now and I still hate American bread with a passion.

  3. Susan Gustavson

    Thanks for including the link to Tom Volk’s article. I never realized how involved the process is to produce commercial mushrooms.

  4. lynn

    Thank you for enlightening me – it seems stupid, but I never realized portobellos are the same species as “regular” white mushrooms in the supermarket aisles. Nor did I know the details about white and brown varieties, but the history is no surprise, in this country. Thanks for the links, too!

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