4 responses to “Triteleia hendersonii”

  1. Michael

    Really wonderful photograph Daniel! Congrats. Interesting as well to discover that Triteleia was placed taxonomically into the asparagus family. Now there is another story, yes?

    Thank you for your and others interesting entries and comments.

  2. lynn

    The photo literally glows, and your observations about seasonal changes is so interesting. I’ve read about the problems of seasonal asynchrony and you’re right, your experience with this plant brings the problem to life.
    Also, it’s nice to see that the other photo is equally beautiful – different views, that’s all. Maybe there’s something to be done this year that’s yet another view.
    I sent this along to a friend who lives in SW Oregon and likes to explore the serpentine hills near her. She showed me an incredible mass of Pitcher plants (Darlingtonia californica) found after a long, bumpy and wonderful drive back up into the hills outside Gold Beach. Hopefully she’ll find these somewhere back up there soon. Thank you Daniel, for keeping art and science cozy together.

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