9 responses to “Tigridia pavonia”

  1. Joanne Bramsen

    Beautiful …… Would this grow in Florida ….. zone 19A.? I love natural, wild plants.

    1. Tierney R Rosenstock

      Since it has already escaped cultivation and naturalized outside it’s native range, I would be concerned about bringing it to Florida if it hasn’t already been introduced there…

  2. Katherine

    With flowers as stunning as these, no one is looking at the backgrounds. Your photos are great. Take some credit for capturing such ephemeral beauty.

    1. Wendy L Cutler

      It’s not even that. For my taste, not that we are considering my taste, if there is not something happening in the background, it looks like a studio portrait and is not as interesting as when there is some context. So these backgrounds are pretty much perfect. And the foregrounds are amazing.

  3. Nadia


  4. Chris

    Daniel, excellent macro shots! Superb clarity. Congratulations!

  5. Robert Meyers

    Wondering at the workers mowing these down with machetes. Wouldn’t they pause before the beauty and think of leaving them ? I would.

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