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  1. Wendy L Cutler

    I was so surprised to see this entry today, as I tried just yesterday to get an ID for what I figured out is Sidalcea on the UBCBG entrance plaza (I figured it out eventually because I posted it on the forums six years ago and then forgot all about it, but the info was there to be found again after I got on the right track). I see S. hendersonii listed as being on the plaza, but those on the plaza seem different, more like the species names that were suggested when I first posted them. My posting from yesterday is at http://forums.botanicalgarden.ubc.ca/threads/july-2018-in-the-garden.93534/. Now I have to recheck my flower photos!

    1. Wendy L Cutler

      Nope, now I have to go get better flower photos. I’m away for a week; I hope they’re still in bloom on the plaza in a week when I get back.

  2. Harriss

    Excellent stuff! Thanks
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