6 responses to “Pseudoscleropodium purum”

  1. Richard Windsor

    It seems to have made its way to Australia where introduced species of all plants now outnumber endemics 🙁

  2. Richard Droker

    Thanks Kem for interesting information and photos. (And nice meeting you at Andy’s in late April.) Probably you know of how the non-native lichen Xanthoria parietina is invasive in our area.

  3. frank Boas

    wow its getting around found it at beaver lake entrance in 1960 or so its in your herbarium its also here on quadra island and on our grassy patch

  4. Lisa Standley

    Nice to see Elva Lawton mentioned here. I studied mosses with her at UW in the late 70s, when she was in her early 80s. She was a fabulous, old-school teacher and precise researcher with high standards and incredible knowledge.

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