4 responses to “Gyromitra esculenta”

  1. Bonnie

    My first reaction was yuck I wouldn’t eat that. But if you look at the image the stem looks almost porcelain. It is rather pretty.

    I watched Tom’s video, he certainly has a touch of humor for all he has been through, but I did a yuck when I saw he kept his old hear. lol

  2. Steve Løkness

    The fungi Photos of the Day are the best! So many interesting stories. The video of Tom talking about his replacement heart – not new any more – is touching. His name is familiar with anyone who does online looking for Mushroom ID’s. That two of his medications are derived from fungi is another connection here, but what wasn’t covered is the profound and encouraging results from some of the more controversial mushrooms. Studies under very controlled conditions are providing new promises of help for people with various hard to treat diseases such as PTSD and Depression.

    Great photo so thanks for bringing it to us.

  3. Janeal Thompson

    Thank you Daniel for the interesting write-up, I’ll be certain to watch the TEDx by Dr. Volk. PietervH’s photo is outstanding. With the drought in southeastern Colorado, I’ve not seen a morel for years.

    Thank you, again.

  4. Angélica Paredes Martinez

    Estás las encontramos en Villarrica camino a Pucón en la región de la Araucania Chile siempre habían muchas años atrás y muy grandes son muy bonitas salen Serca de las morchelas otro hongo que si es comestible

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