4 responses to “Tulipa ‘Sorbet’”

  1. Harry Hill

    Was the ‘Canada 150’ tulip just a temporarily renamed ‘Sorbet’ tulip? From the photos they appear to be identical.

    1. Jayaelle

      Agreed, this looks identical to the Canada 150 tulips that just finished blooming in my garden.

      This photo even has the same white edge to the leaves as Canada 150, but other online photos of Sorbet don’t show the white edges or the yellow centre (shown) characteristic of Canada 150. The RHS description of Sorbet doesn’t mention white leaf edges or yellow centre (eye): http://apps.rhs.org.uk/agm/award3.asp?ID=73434

    2. Eric La Fountaine

      Yes, the Canada 150 is a trade name applied to an existing cultivar. But it is ‘Carnaval De Rio’, which does look very similar to this cultivar.

  2. Tobi

    Beautiful tulips. Beautiful photograph. I especially like the gorgeous beetle, gobbling up the luscious pollen.

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