One response to “Thymus serpyllum”

  1. Marion Davis

    First I want to say thank you to Daniel and everyone who is making Botany Photo of the Day such a wonderful experience.

    I’m posting because I want to explain that “no longer interested in BOTD” is not the reason I have unsubscribed. I will continue to access BOTD through the website because I will always be interested, as long as I have my health.

    I’m unsubscribing to prevent bounced e-mails. The company that bought Yahoo e-mail has new terms of use/privacy policies that are unacceptable to me. Since I won’t click the “Accept” button, they say they’ll cancel my account on 5/25.

    I hope this comment will help BOTD staff to realize that loss of interest in BOTD is NOT my reason for unsubscribing. If you receive a lot of unsubscribe messages this month, you may want to consider that the new Yahoo e-mail policies are the reason, NOT loss of interest in BOTD.

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