7 responses to “Lanaria lanata”

  1. mary bond

    Good morning Daniel On first glance at todays plant my only thought was that it should be called Marilyn Munroe.

  2. Jeanne Erdahl

    So cool! Thanks so much for including both the close-up (adorable!) as well as the growing plants and patterns. Wish you could do that more often as the close-up may not give a clue to what the plant/tree actually looks like.

  3. Marilyn Brown

    A first glance at the close-up made me think — it’s a rabbit-in-bloom !

  4. Linda Bush

    From Kermit scrunch face previously to cat/kitten face (bottom of close up) today!

  5. Perry Kneedler

    Perry Kneedler
    So grateful to see a glimpse of another part of the world with such variety and surprise each time there is a new photo. You, Daniel, and UBC enrich our lives.

  6. Danae Yurgel

    Thank you for the link to the article on oakscapes! Always so much to learn and appreciate in your posts!!

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