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  1. David Tarrant

    Daniel. I had to comment on this entry, as of course blue flowers are my all time favourites.
    When growing these as summer annuals up in Canada I never quite understood why they took all summer to grow and not really bloom prolifically until September.
    But of course now living in Mexico I totally understand, as here in their natural habitat they are at the peak of their bloom September/ October .
    Thanks for posting them.

  2. Cindy

    Thank you for a beautiful reminder from my childhood. Not the hallucination bit.

  3. Patricia Bayer

    Any particular reason that “tricolor” is a part of the former name? Thank you!

    1. Gillian E. Smith

      I plant seeds of the Heavenly Blue cultivar in Toronto every year. These are beautiful blue and white, with a yellow throat, so they are three colours. They climb six-foot trellises and bloom from late June/July to October/ November. Toronto currently has temperatures in the 30’s with humidity. Thank you for showing how they grow int he wild in Mexico.

  4. Tierney R Rosenstock

    It may not persist in cold weather climates as a perennial, but let me tell you does it re-seed like crazy!

  5. Linda

    Oh excellent, I planted Heavenly Blue this spring. hehehehe

  6. Pat Collins

    The lysergamide-derived hallucinogenic toxins are produced by a symbiotic, endophytic fungus, not by the plant itself. It is possible to rid the plant of the fungus with systemic fungicides and have less toxic plants. I wouldn’t recommend them as food, though. The plant would also be likely to be more prone to being eaten or attacked by disease organisms without the protective chemicals.

    The fungus has been named Periglandula ipomoeae, though there are other species and possible chemotypes within species.


  7. Samantha

    Blue morning glories are my favourite flowers. Thank you for such a beautiful photo.

  8. lynn

    In all their glory….and quite heavenly. Glad you stopped!

  9. Pat Dumas

    A question nobody has been able to answer.
    Is Heavenly Blue- I.Tricolor, a hybrid? I am wondering HOW to get seeds that grow to true H.Blue .. What are the crosses? How can I grow vines that make Heavenly Blue seeds for me. It’s my question of the century.

    Thank you so much!
    Patricia Dumas

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