13 responses to “Dioscorea mexicana”

  1. Marcelo Rosas

    big Dioscorea

  2. Isabel

    This is among the most amazing plants you have featured! I wonder if we have one in San Francisco. Thank you so much for the information and photos of this plant– and for this website!

  3. Suzy Baker

    Fascinating! The medicinal properties are a serious find: birth control and healing properties. How Indigenous people discovered these uses is equally intrigueIng.

  4. Meyer Mary

    Fascinating entry. Thanks.

  5. Bonnie

    Wow learn something every day. Not that I’m so good at remembering it. 🙂

  6. lynn

    This is one of those very vaguely familiar plants that I must have read about somewhere, and it’s nice to see such a comprehensive post about it. Thank you!

  7. Duke Benadom

    Those curious plates, like those on a tortoise, are also referred to as “scutes.”

  8. Erica

    I am actually growing a related Disocorea used for food. Very interesting to get the Smithsonian Garden link. Thank you!

  9. Stuart Adank

    It’s a far cry from Yams….but this great photo of the caudex reminded me so much of these Araucaria trees I came across up a mountain in Araucanía….

  10. Pat Collins

    A long time ago I grew a Dioscorea elephantipes from seed. It looked like this after just a year.

  11. Ronaldo Araújo

    Thank you Daniel.

    By the way, this board should have an option to be warned about answers in a comment

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