3 responses to “Betula kenaica”

  1. Ginny

    It always makes me smile to remember that nature ignores our attempts to precisely categorize everything. Thanks for this lovely illustration of one of my favorite genera.

  2. Steve Edler

    Kesera Anamthawat-Jonsson at the University of Iceland has published some interesting work on hybrids between dwarf birch B.nana (diploid) & downy birch B. pubescens (tetraploid). The hybrids are triploid with various fertility outcomes. The study was assisted by fluorescence imaging of the chromosomes. I think I understood the paper. Perhaps birch is prone to hybridisation, but if not, excuse this amateur.

    Regarding drawings as opposed photos, I still use drawings (Stella Ross-Craig) as an aid to identification & enjoyment of plant anatomy.

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