8 responses to “Achnatherum hymenoides”

  1. Bonnie

    Daniel, this photo is fantastic, both from the point of view of the scientific information imparted and the sheer artistry of the shot. The ‘moat’ of opuntias around the delicious grass is so revealing.
    Thank you!!

  2. michael aman

    Beautiful photo. And thanks for highlighting a grass.

  3. lynn

    Ah, Daniel, what a wonderful photo. Maybe that hail knocked a few seeds lose for creatures on the ground. If you’re still traveling, enjoy!


    Another example of a beautiful native grass. I have a few of our natives planted in my landscape. Thanks you for this lovely photo.

  5. Mark Darrach

    There is an interesting ecological piece to the story for this species as well. While the seeds may drop readily from the plant the enclosing bracts – lemma and palea – do not let go of the caryopsis (the seed) easily. The species has developed an essentially symbiotic relationship with rodents that stash the seeds and often remove these bracts that would otherwise make germination significantly more difficult for the species. Without the rodents – kangaroo rats (Dipodomys sp.) in particular are critical to survival of this species – this beautiful grass might not even exist!

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