6 responses to “Mesanthemum africanum”

  1. Satish Babu

    Thanks for this entry, and also for Names of Plants. I’ve been on the lookout for a book of this sort for years!

  2. Paul O'Byrne

    Thanks from me too on the Names of Plants link…now I’ll never get any work done!

  3. DrBob

    Another excellent reference for parsing out Latin binomials is Edmund C. Jaeger’s A source-book of biological names and terms. Chas. P. Thomas, Springfield, Ill. 323 pp. First published in 1944, my dog-eared copy is the 5th printing of the 3rd edition, dated 1972. I refer to it at least once a week,

  4. Kate

    What Paul O. said!

  5. Pat Collins

    In this case “middle-flowered” means the flowers were seen as intermediate between two other genera – Paepalanthus and Eriocaulon.

    *) E vocibus μέσος et άνθήμα compositum propter flores inter genera Paepalanthum et Eriocaulon medium tenentes.

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