5 responses to “Archytaea triflora”

  1. John and Becky Bradley

    Relatively new to BPoD and liking it very much as you serve up a daily dose of botanic beauty and wonder. My wife thought today’s flower resembled in some ways the “logo” flower adopted by our local California Native Plant Society chapter, viz. Mentzelia lindleyi, Blazing Star, in the Loasaceae family. Thanks, again, for great photographs of our planet’s floristic wonders.

  2. Cody Hinchliff

    Two check marks, what a thrill! Thanks for featuring this photo Daniel. Seeing it brought back good memories. The photo was taken at Kaieteur Falls at the edge of the Guayana plateau, hands down the most other-worldly and utterly scenic place I’ve ever been. I’m not sure how amenable A. triflora is to being grown outside of rocky outcrops in the Amazon, but it certainly has merit for its ornamental qualities. The growth form is neat and upright (in the full tropical sun anyway), reminiscent of a columnar rhodododendron, and the silvery red-margined foliage with is striking, to say nothing of the flowers. There were even some plants at Kaieteur with a beautiful yellow variegation… in case tropical horticulturalists were looking for even more reasons to visit there.

  3. Molly M McGinnis

    “Can we get a photo of a representative from each flowering plant family?”

    Not likely, given that currently, every level of taxon seems to be revised almost daily. Including plant families…

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