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  1. Dylan Norfield

    A beautiful flower with the other New Zealand species Clianthus puniceus being the logo for Dunedin Botanic Garden. Clianthus puniceus thrives in cultivation but has only one known wild population.

  2. Ann

    Please only post photos that make it easy know what the plant really looks like. The photo I received looked like something from a fun house mirror.

  3. michael aman

    I had to look up “charismatic species”. There is something new to learn every day. Thanks.

  4. Charles Thirkill

    Thank you for this post, Daniel. Readers might appreciate this entry from Wikipedia:

    Clianthus maximus, commonly known as kaka beak (kōwhai ngutu-kākā in Māori), is a woody legume shrub native to New Zealand’s North Island. It is one of two species of Clianthus (kaka beak) and both have striking clusters of red flowers which resemble the beak of the kākā, a New Zealand parrot.

    The species is endangered in the wild, with only 153 trees found in a 2005 survey (down from over 1000 in 1996), in the East Coast and northern Hawkes Bay regions.

    The common name reflects the Maori traditions.

  5. jean pierre dhotman

    Hi so beautiful, reminds me a lot of the tree in my garden,Erythrina crisa-Galli.
    From sunny Mauritius.

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