5 responses to “Berkheya multijuga”

  1. Belinda Gallagher

    Thanks for this posting and the information about the genus. I love Berkheya purpurea. I brought a plant with me when we retired from Southern Ontario to just south (10 km) of Algonquin Park in Zone 4a. I thought it would be nice for one summer but it has persisted through the many -30 C. winters just fine. It doesn’t self-seed (important as we are amidst natural lands) but the clump expands a bit each year. It is a ‘biting’ beauty!

  2. Susan Gustavson

    Very sorry to learn of the Saunders kidnapping. Thanks for the link.

  3. lynn

    That foliage looks like it could ward off anyone, or anything. I only wish the Saunders had such protection; the story is so heartbreaking.


    Such a tragic story. There are so few places in the world that are totally safe.

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